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| Leonardo da Vinci
volume I

Enclosed in a beautiful wooden box, drawings of a self-taught person who mastered the art of anatomy and set the direction of the technique that is until today excellent representation of the human body. In series I, the casket contains 10 from the collection of 240 drawings of the master from the Anatomical Manuscript A.
The book that revolutionized modern thought

DE REVOLUTIONIBUS | Nicolaus Copernicus

The first in history, perfect facsimile of the most valuable manuscript in Poland in a precious jewellery setting. Work of life of our Great Astronomer, who “Stopped the Sun and moved the Earth”. The original book is held in the vault of Jagiellonian Library in Cracow.
A bridge connecting East and West culture

Rzewuski's Manuscript
| count Waclaw Rzewuski

"Sur les chevaux orientaux et provenants des races orientales"

There are monuments of Polish literature, thanks to which Poland is known worldwide. Copernicus, Chopin and Rzewuski left behind a legacy valued on every continent, regardless of world trends. The latter is known that when describing the Arab culture – never before or since – presented in such details and in the context of the history of the Arabian horse, he made famous not only the country which he came from, but above all, the world of the Arabian Peninsula.
The MOST expensive book in the world

CODEX LEICESTER | Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous works of Leonardo da Vinci

Cryptological Mt. Everest

Voynich Manuscript

|Author Unknown

The Voynich manuscript has fascinated and ignited the imagination of riders for years. The next generation of researchers and cryptographers are starting to decipher it.
The Papyrus of Ani

The Book Of the Dead

The Papyrus of Ani, compiled for the Theban scribe Ani, is a papyrus manuscript with cursive hieroglyphs and colour illustrations created c. 1250 BC, in the 19th dynasty of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.